One Day in Sofia - Simple Tour Guide

If you have just one day in Sofia and you want to see the most beautiful places and to feel the atmosphere of the city, here is your perfect one-day-guide.

Take the subway or walk to the central metro station - Serdika. This is literally the heart of the city. There you can see an amazing view - one square there are one of the biggest and most beautiful Orthodox Churches in the city - St. Nedelya, the Sofia Mosque, the Synagogue and the Catholic Cathedral. They exist peacefully for decades on a walking distance of just a few minutes. Here, in the center of this wonderful religious crossroad, you will as well find the remains of the Serdica village - the Thracian settlement that was established because of the mineral waters in the area. But since this is a guide for a tour, let's move on.

We prepared for you this simple graphic, so you can follow our way across the city and take the most of your one-day experience exploring Sofia.

Sofia, Bulgaria Guide


  1. Take a few seconds to see the wonderful statue of St. Sofia, the patron of the city. It stays high in the sky, guarding it, with an owl in one hand and а laurel wreath in the other - symbols of wisdom and prosperity. Then take the walk next to the Presidency. You will see the yellow pavement on the streets and know you are on the right path. After a short walk, you will find yourself in another square. On the one side, there is the big building of the presidency with a wonderful fountain in front of it, the archaeological museum, and next to them - the Palace.

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  2. Since Bulgarian is not a monarchy anymore, the National Gallery is situated in the old palace building, but you can still enjoy its beautiful architecture and garden. The exhibition inside is also something worth exploring, if you have enough time.

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  3. The allies across the garden of the Palace will let you in front of the most famous symbols of Sofia - the Alexander Nevski cathedral. To the left, you will see the church of St. Sofia, one of the oldest in the region. Alexander Nevski is something really interesting to visit, but keep in mind that the Orthodox churches are less colorful and quite darker than the Catholic cathedrals, for example, so don’t be surprised.

  4. After the cathedral, to your right, you will see the back of the Bulgarian Parliament. Unfortunately, the square in front of it is often a place for protest actions, but if you are lucky you will have the chance to enjoy it and the high monument of Alexander Battenberg in front of it. He is standing on a house, observing everything happening in the country.

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  5. Next in our list is the Sofia University. It is located just on the back of Alexander Nevski and next to it you can see the National Library - both buildings are with impressive architecture. In front of the library you will see the statues of St. Cyril and Methodius the creators of the Bulgarian alphabet, and in front of the University - the brothers Evlogy and Christo Georgiev - the men who funded the building of the main campus of the university.

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  6. Time for a little rest? Enjoy the shadows of the trees in the Boris Garden Park. There you can walk down the alleys or just chill on a bench under the trees. It is a popular place for young people and you can spend a lot of time wandering around or just taking some pictures.

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  7. After the most needed rest - it is time for the last part of the trip. Take South. Don't you know which way this is? Just take a look around and find the Vitosha mountain. It is the closest one to Sofia and wherever you are in the city, it will always be south of you. Take the streets to the National Palace of Culture. The building is a symbol for Sofia and is the place when a lot of events take place, even the Bulgarian Presidency for the EU. Around it, there is a nice park. From there you can easily find the way to the Vitosha Boulevard when a lot of shops, cafes, and restaurants are placed. You can enjoy your evening there, or if you have some more time you can go to the National Theatre. 

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  8. The National theatre garden is the most popular place for a chill evening, full of young people having fun. There is a small park, a fountain, a library and of course the building of the theatre itself. You can sit on a bench or on the grass and enjoy the nightlife of the capital of Bulgaria.

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    If you have more time to spend in Sofia you may be interested in our articles about the city, or about the local cuisine, the street food and the interesting places around Sofia you can visit. Have fun and enjoy your stay!


Photo by Alexandr Bormotin on Unsplash

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