Dating a Bulgarian Woman - Things You Need to Know

So, dating isn’t working out for you? Or you are looking for a wonderful adventure and you are ready to find love in a far-away country? Or you are just visiting the land of beautiful Eastern-European Slav women? Well, good news - Bulgarian women are certainly amazing, but as with most good things, there are some catches.

Are Bulgarian women that beautiful?

Let's put it this way. If you take a stroll in the centre of Sofia, or every other big city, not one minute will pass without seeing an extremely attractive woman. Bulgarian girls take care of themselves, especially after their health. They eat good food, stay active, dress well and go to beauty parlours. We actually have a special article dedicated to what makes Bulgarian women different.

So, yes, the beauty of Bulgarian women is not just a myth. 

Bulgarian women and foreigners

Despite being part of both the EU and the more general European culture, the average Bulgarian feels as if people from the West are of a different societal class. A regular guy from Britain or the United States would be above-average in Bulgaria. Many Bulgarian women want to get out of the country and are looking for a saviour to carry them to the Promised Land. But to win her heart, you will have to offer a lot more than just an escape from the Bulgarian reality.

Another point in favour of a foreigner would be the general perception of non-Bulgarians as more “civilized.” Since the country has always been in constant communication with other, more stable regions, Bulgarian girls are well-aware and constantly reminded of their country’s shortcomings. While you may be an average Joe, Bobby, Pierre, or whatever the local stereotype is, for a Bulgarian woman you are a representative of a higher culture.

There are, however, some shortcomings to being a foreigner. Bulgarian girls would still carry their own national, historical, and cultural pride within them. And understanding that pride may be tricky, especially considering the aforementioned domestic low opinion of certain parts of Bulgarian culture. It may sound paradoxical, but Bulgaria is a land of constant, the sharpest of which is the combination of pride and shame in being Bulgarian.

The mentality of Bulgarian women

Bulgarian women tend to be tough and self-reliant. If you’re trying to escape from feminism, this may not be the best place. But bear in mind that Bulgarian pro-female attitudes are very much different from the Western ones. Bulgarian women will not whine about the Patriarchy, institutionalized oppression, minority rights or wage gaps. They will try to do their best to tackle those problems within their own environment.

They are strong but in a feminine way. Bulgarian girls are good cooks, good mothers, good daughters, and good wives. Indeed, that is the most major difference between Western feminism and Bulgarian one. In Bulgaria, women try to become better women. In the West, women try to become better men.

The standards of Bulgarian women

If you seek a Bulgarian girl thinking that somehow they would have lower standards, you came to the wrong place. Don’t get us wrong, girls here are reasonable, but if all you have to offer is some money and a Green Card, you won’t have success. Bulgarian girls want a masculine man. They will probably overlook some superficial issues, but being able to stand up for yourself, being able to protect her in a fight, or being able to fix the car are vital skills.

Competition from Bulgarian men will be the major problem here. The country is still very masculine. Men drive fast cars, lift weights, play sports, and pick fights. The newer generation of men tends to be a bit softer and more focused on screen time, but the tradition of masculinity is still stronger here than it is in the West.

Be it foreigners or a local, Bulgarian women want a partner, not a master. You should treat her as a woman, but also as an equal.

What do Bulgarian girls like?

Roses. No, seriously, Bulgaria loves its roses, women especially. The Prime Minister gave 33 roses to the Pope, and hopefully, this is completely unrelated to the topic of this article. Anyway, the tradition is to gift a girl with roses on almost every special occasion. Besides that, women here are active. They like to travel quite a lot, and usually prefer a more active vacation, one where you go around the town rather than follow a guide and stay at a hotel.

Where to meet Bulgarian girls?

The Internet would be an obvious answer if you’re looking for a long-distance relationship. But, bear in mind that Internet dating is usually of much less quality, and you will meet girls with certain, shall we say goals and plans? The better option for getting a Bulgarian girl would be to visit the country. Go around, have fun, and if you meet a nice girl, don’t be afraid to ask her out. You won’t get a sexual harassment lawsuit for glancing at a girl the wrong way.

Religiousness and Bulgarian women

Bulgaria is an Orthodox Christian country. In fact, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church created and helped spread the Cyrillic alphabet you see most Slavs use. In general, Bulgarians are not particularly practising, but Christianity still plays a major role in the mentality of people here. You’re very unlikely to meet a girl that doesn’t have a cross or an icon of the Virgin Mary in her room.

But Bulgarians are not immune to the decline of Christianity and its values. You are also unlikely to meet a girl that would be a strict Christian. Meaning that sex before marriage, abortion, or similar topics relating to Christianity will not be huge issues. But being a militant atheist, or not being spiritual may also be frowned upon. There is a certain balance you must strike in your approach to Bulgarian spirituality.

Marriage and Bulgarian girls

Bulgaria, like the rest of Europe, is experiencing a sharp population decline. In fact, the number of ethnic Bulgarians is expected to fall under 4 million in the next 20 years. It may sound as if that makes Bulgarian women uninterested in having kids or families, but that’s not strictly the case.

Most of that decline is due to migration, with many Bulgarian girls going abroad. So, if anything, that trend will actually improve your chances. Another issue has more to do with the economic and cultural black hole left behind by the socialist regime. Some Bulgarians still think that the country never recovered since the collapse of communism.

Bulgarian women are quite traditional when it comes to marriage, although the tendency of living without an official marriage is widely spread, most girls still dream of a romantic proposal and a big ceremony when they will be the princess and centre of attention. And if you have decided to marry a Bulgarian girl - prepare for a big event with a lot of fun involved. 

In Conclusion

There are several other articles on the topic, but we decided to publish one as well due to the lack of an actual informative work on the mentality of Bulgarian women. Most were quite superficial, describing the wonderful and unique women of Bulgaria in the same way you’d describe a curious and exotic animal. But you can find all the things we didn't mention by yourself. Just remember - with a Bulgarian girl you will never be bored and you have to be prepared to understand and respect the unusual nature of this amazing creature. 

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