Why Advertise with EU Scoop

If you are interested in putting your business in front of our audience, we can offer a number of different formats with varying levels of user targeting, and as a small website can cooperate with you closely on your advertising journey.

Where Our Audience Is

As a news site that produces primarily English language content, we have an audience from around the globe - not just Bulgaria. More often than not from high-income countries, with readers ranging from Bulgarians abroad to foreign investors.

What Our Audience Cares About

Our audience is interested in a broad set of topics, but we have found the most success with articles related to business, travel, economics, and politics, which reflects the value proposition of our audience.

What's the Process?

Step 1. Take a look at our Rate Card.

At the bottom of our page you can find a download link for the ratecard which includes more information and pricing details.

Step 2. Choose the ad position and size.

Have a think about which ad positions you may be interested in - if you need any help, we will be glad to if you get in contact.

Step 3. Choose your audience.

We can provide a number of options to filter the audience, if that is necessary for the campaign you want to run together with us.

Step 4. Send us your adverts.

Once you have spoken to us and discussed your needs, you can provide us with the assets for you adverts so that we can start showing them to visitors.

More information about what we can offer is available inside our ratecard, and for further information, our contact details are available below.
Download Ratecard.

For all enquiries, please contact Bilyana Ninova on [email protected]