Investigation in the Offices of “Vinprom-Кarnobat”, Bulgaria

The Specialized Prosecutor's Office conducts an investigation in the offices of “Vinprom – Karnobat”, “SIS Industries”, and “Topaz Mel” throughout the country. The companies are controlled by Minyu Staykov, who is related to Vetko Arabadzhiev, who was also checked last week.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev said ten people were arrested. Among the detainees is the son of the mayor of Karnobat, who is the property owner of premises where an illegal cigarette factory was discovered two months ago. The names of all arrested will be officially announced tomorrow.

The investigation is about an organized criminal group set up to avoid paying large amounts of tax liabilities, holding excise goods without excise labels, and money laundering.

Capital recalled that Vetko Arabadzhiev's daughter-Alexandra, and Minyu Staykov's son – Staiko, had been married until recently. Even at the wedding, it was commented that it was a kind of dynastic marriage between the two families. It is not known whether Arabadjiev and Staykov have a business together.

Geshev, however, categorically denied any connection between the two investigations.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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