BGN 10 million Seized After a Special Police Operation Against Vetko and Marinella Arabadzhiev

On Saturday, the prosecution announced that a European arrest warrant was issued to the businessman Vetko Arabadzhiev and his wife, Marinela, in connection with an organized crime group for tax fraud, Mediapool stated. BGN 10 million were found in offices and apartments. In addition, six luxury cars owned by the family were seized.

According to the prosecution, the family is hiding. Any possible action has been taken to find them. They have been declared for search with the Red Notice of Interpol and a European arrest warrant. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev stated that the damages caused by them can reach over BGN 100 million. An extension of the investigation period is also expected.

Meanwhile, Vetko and Marinella's son, Valcho Arabadzhiev, was released on bail of BGN 20,000 on Sunday. Valcho Arabadzhiev's lawyer pointed out that there was no crime.

On Friday, the investigators carried out a large special operation at Marinella and Maritza Hotels and in all companies related to Vetko and Marinella Arabadzhiev.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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