Bulgarian Reporter "Dimitar Varbanov" Beating Proves False

Recent surveillance footage from the assault on the Gospodari na Efira reporter Dimitar Varbanov put the case in a new light.

Mediapool reported on the incident and revealed the videos. What was presented as a vicious assault and beating of a reporter is now revealed to be less severe than initially presented. In the footage from a surveillance camera, it’s apparent that Varbanov was manhandled and shoved out of a warehouse which he was investigating. The building was private property.

In this case, Dimitar Varbanov was investigating a scam for repackaging food items past their expiration date and reselling them as new. The reporter went into the warehouse where the operation took place. The camera crew didn’t enter with him. Varbanov claims he filmed the event with his cell phone.

 The surveillance footage shows that after an argument with the reporter, the warehouse manager identified as Ivan Ivanov and an employee drag Varbanov to the door, open it, and shove him out. Another angle shows the reporter falling on the concrete floor and proceeding to be filmed in multiple angles by the cameraman, all the while the two are having a conversation. The cameraman then uses his phone, presumably to call the police.

Shorty before the police officers arrive, Varbanov drop flat on his back to the floor and starts holding his head, all the while the cameraman calmly and methodically gathers video coverage of the warehouse exterior. Varbanov gets up, limps to a nearby bench and starts talking to the police officers.

The beating narrative was first reported by Nova TV, the station on which Gospodari na Efira is broadcast. Varbanov’s “beating” caused an uproar in Bulgarian society that reached all the way to the top of power. Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov stated that those responsible must be punished with the full severity of the law.

The two men were arrested for 72 hours, the longest period for detention for such a case, which was described as an untypically severe treatment for a case with reports of only minor physical damage.

Image Source: Mediapool's YouTube channel

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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