Two New Species will be Named After Boyan Petrov

A new type of centipede and a new kind of spider will bear the name of Boyan Petrov. They were discovered by him before he disappeared without a trace in an attempt to climb Shishapangma peak. His name is connected with dozens of other species he has discovered and explored. They can be seen in the Natural History Museum in Sofia where the mountaineer used to work.

The new centipede has a length of only 7 mm and was discovered in 2006 during a study of the cave fauna in the Rhodope Mountains.

Sometimes traps should be put where zoologists believe there are interesting animal species, Prof. Pavel Stoev explained before the Bulgarian National Television. The other animal, called after the alpinist, is a spider discovered by him in the area of the Rhodope village of Belitsa, Prof. Stoev said.

Bulgarian arachnologists have described it this year and it already bears the Latin name Harpactea petrovi. The spider lives in the soil and under the stones.

The newly discovered centipede, named after Boyan Petrov, belongs to Mediterranean species and it is endemic to the Western Rhodopes, which means it is not found anywhere else.

On October 3, several NGOs will organize an event in the Metropolitan Museum of Earth and People in memory of Boyan Petrov and his nature conservation activities.

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