Hunters Block Bulgaria-Romania Border in Protest Against Boar Hunt Ban

Bulgarian hunters protested the upcoming ban on the group hunting of wild boar in the area of the Danube coastline.

BTA reports on the protest. As the country was taken in a panic of African plague on domestic and wild animals, the government has implemented many unpopular measures. The hunters want a lift of the ban on group hunting. They blocked the road on the border with Romania for about 30 minutes.

Lyubomir Dimitrov from the Gorno Albanovo hunting club commented that if there’s no hunt in a given area, the boars will gather up there, as they enjoy quieter environments. He explained that if there’s a hunting ban, 220 clubs on the Danube river will be affected.

The Ruse district manager, Galin Grigorov, met the hunters during the protest and supported their demands, saying: “The project of the [ban] order will not solve the problem. There is no possibility of decreasing the population of wild boars if there are no chases or group hunting with dogs. The time for allowing the hunt is now.” Grigorov also stated that the measures against the potential spreading of the African plague are taken.

Alex Dimchev

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