Ivan Bedrov Will Lead the Bulgarian "Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty"

Radio “Free Europe/Radio Liberty” announced that the journalist Ivan Bedrov would lead the Bulgarian Service starting October 15. This is happening after a decision to resume its news coverage for audiences in Romania and Bulgaria.

Our hope, in both countries, is that our coverage can help the growth of a free press, promote public accountability and democratic institutions, and informed discussions about NATO, the EU, and the West”, said RFE/RL Editor in Chief Nenad Pejic.

Ivan Bedrov is a member of the Bulgarian Commission for Journalism Ethics. He worked also as a radio reporter for RFE/RL's Bulgarian Service in the late 1990s and has worked as a political commentator for "Deutsche Welle".

In Romania, Managing Editor of the service will be the journalist Sabina Fati. She worked for RFE/RL in Romania in the 1990s and has continued reporting for RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service as a freelancer. The U.S. Embassy in Bucharest recognized her as one of Romania’s “Women of Courage” in 2017.

Both services will provide audiences with local, regional, and international news, expert analysis, and original features while serving as a platform for informed discussion and debate” is said in the statement. The offices will be based in Bucharest and Sofia – entirely digital with a presence on social networks and with partnerships with local independent media.

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