Journalists Light Candles for the Collapsing Journalism in Bulgaria After a Ridiculous Accusation

The Chairman of the Municipal Council in Kazanlak Nikolai Zlatanov accused journalists of selling themselves "for a few silver coins" by giving publicity to the mass fight in Kazanlak on 17 September and thus spoiling the image of Kazanlak. This was reported by The article states that the statement was given during a press conference dedicated to the fight two days ago. The indictment concerns both local and national media, which for the third day reflect the mass struggle and the lack of reaction of the institutions.

The incident, which grew into a massive Roma fight, has sparked a huge public discontent, as well as a protest in the town. Zlatanov's statement provoked a sharp reaction of the journalists in the hall as well. The mayor of the town, Galina Stoyanova, commented that the municipality of Kazanlak assists law enforcement authorities in exercising their powers in criminal and domestic incidents. Stoyanova added that cameras are located in the central part of the town.

In response, journalists from local and national media lighted candles in front of the Municipality of Kazanlak. In an interview for, the journalist Ivan Yanev commented that the moral and professional duty of the journalists is to reflect the life and the events in the country. "We asked for an apology, we did not receive. That is why we light a candle for the collapsing journalism in Bulgaria."

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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