Pastry Shop "Nedelya" Made a EUR 1 million Investment in Sites in Bucharest

Pastry shop “Nedelya” (Sunday) plans to open 10 new sites plus an industrial unit in Bucharest in 2019. The planned investment is EUR 1 million, Capital reported. In just two years, the company invested around EUR 2 million and opened nine sweet sites in the Romanian capital.

The chain commented that in Bucharest they could open 40 patisseries and, according to them, the factory production of cakes with artificial cream and preservatives prevails is typical for the Romanian market. One more negative side of the market there is the sale of frozen cakes, and here is the advantage of the cakes of “Nedelya” - they are fresh and free from any freezing.

The company says that the average monthly turnover of a pastry shop in Romania is around BGN 40,000. In Bulgaria in 2017, the confectioners report a total turnover of BGN 10 million with 35 sites in the country, of which 25 are a franchise. The plans for 2019 include the opening of four or five patisseries in Bulgaria. Their plans for development in the future include a step on the German market.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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