Driver In Svoge Bus Crash Speaks Out

The driver of the bus during the crash near Svoge that cost the lives of 17 passengers spoke about the incident, taking responsibility and expressing deep regret.

Grigor Grigorov, who is a driver with more than 40 years of experience, was released from his arrest after his bail was paid. The authorities decided that Grigorov won’t interfere with the investigation or try to cover up evidence. During the interview with bTV, the driver said: “That morning I went to pick them up, probably 5-6 women hugged and kissed me, for we were to travel together. But how can a man know this will be his last day?” He continued: “I’m constantly thinking of these people. They were my friends, my friends. I can only imagine what must be like for their relatives. For the people who are still likely in hospitals. I am sorry for everything that happened. I want to give my condolences to the relatives of the departed. They were my close friends for years. I also want to give my condolences to the wounded.”

As of now, Grigorov is the only suspect in the incident. He admitted to not having a second technical examination of the bus: “If I’m guilty if I have guilt, I’ll take it.” Thousands of people signed a petition in support of the bus driver and many took to the streets to protest and call for a full investigation that will find the real reasons for the crash.

The incident prompted the resignation of three Bulgarian ministers, who were quickly replaced. The police are investigating Trace, the firm responsible for maintaining the track on which the tragic crash occurred.

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