Bulgaria - the Cheapest Country in the EU in 2017

Bulgaria is the cheapest country in the EU for a wide range of goods, services, and food, according to Eurostat's analysis of consumer price levels and services prices in the EU in 2017.

Bulgaria has the lowest total indicator for all consumer goods and services in the EU with an index of 44 out of anĀ average index of 100 points for the EU.

Bulgaria has the lowest prices:

- Alcohol, wine, beer, cigarettes, and tobacco - an index of 56 at an average of 100 for the EU

- Clothing and shoes - 78 points out of 100 for the EU

- Home maintenance, heating, electricity, and water - 30 points

- Medical products, health, and dental services - 29 points

- Products for cars, fuels, transport services - 66 points

- Education (from Primary to Higher) and all related fees - 25 points

- The costs for restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and other entertainment - 45 points.

In 2017, Denmark is the most expensive Member State regarding restaurants and hotels, food, and culture. Ireland is the most expensive regarding alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Luxembourg has the highest cost of housing, water, electricity, and gas, and Greece is the most expensive country for communications.

Besides Bulgaria, the lowest prices of fruit, vegetables, and soft drinks are in Romania - 62 points out of 100 for the EU. Unfortunately, countries with the lowest price indexes of goods and services, such as Romania and Bulgaria, also report the highest indicators for people living at risk of poverty and social exclusion - 40% for Bulgaria and 38% for Romania.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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