Romanian Transgaz's €360 Million Pipeline Can Provide Romania's Black Sea Gas to Bulgaria

The Romanian join state-owned/publicly listed Transgaz plans to invest €360 million to construct a pipeline between Podișor and Tuzla (in Romania.) The line will span 308 km and will establish a missing connection between the Black Sea natural gas sources and the BRUA pipeline which is designed to connect Romanian Black Sea resources to Austria, Bulgaria, and Hungary. reports on the planned investment. Transgaz has already conducted field surveys, assessed the environmental effects of the pipeline and received permits for the construction. The final decision for the project will be taken before the end of this year. Construction is supposed to start in 2019 and the pipeline will start working in 2020. The schedule may be up for change depending on the developments of gas production in the Black Sea.

In order for the new Romanian pipeline to reach Bulgaria, Transgaz will have to use the full capacity of the Giurgiu-Ruse connection. A compressing station will have to be built. The current pressure of the connection isn’t enough for the pipeline to reach full capacity. As of now, only 500 million of the 1.5 billion possible cubic meters of gas can be transported. This station is planned to be constructed in the second stage of the BRUA project.

Romania is reportedly the 4th largest  European natural gas producer after Norway, the UK, and the Netherlands as their production for 2017 reached 10.3 billion cubic meters. This may mark a new step in the Bulgarian-Romanian commercial relationship.

Hungary had expressed interest in buying the vast majority of Romanian gas exports, to some level of controversy in Romania which has occasionally strained relations with their neighbor to the West.

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