Three People in an Artificial Coma After the Accident in the Iskar Gorge

In an interview for Nova TV, Executive Director of Pirogov Hospital, Asen Baltov, said that after the severe accident, six women were hospitalized. The lives of three of them are still in danger. They are in an artificial coma and mechanical ventilation. It is unclear how long the recovery of the patients will continue. He urged everyone who has the opportunity to donate blood.

Six injured people are in St. Anna Hospital - five women and one man. Two more are in the Military Medical Academy. The driver of the bus is in Tsaritsa Yoanna Hospital. His injuries are serious but not life-threatening.

According to the latest information, the victims of the crash are 16, including a 13-year-old child. The Prosecutor's Office investigates the causes of the incident in three directions - the driver's actions, the obligations of the bus carrier, and the road condition.

It became clear that the driver was driving with 53 km/h on a road section limited to 40 km/h, and that the "Automobile Administration" was not notified that there will be an organized trip. In addition, last year there were 5 signals that the area, where the fatal accident occurred, is dangerous.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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