Violations Found Regarding the Deceased Woman in Pleven

The official statement regarding the deceased woman in Pleven was released. The check, carried out at the University Hospital "Dr. Georgi Stranski", found violations, for which administrative proceedings will be initiated, the Ministry of Health announced.

The woman was hospitalized on June 25 for a planned C-section. A preoperative anesthesiological consultation was performed. However, no review was carried out, and in the history of pregnancy and childbirth was no recorded data on the condition of the oral cavity and the mobility of the cervical spine of the patient. At a later stage, this did not allow the endotracheal intubation risk to be assessed.

At the discretion of the anesthesiologist and the patient's request, the birth was planned to be performed under general anesthesia. On June 26 in the morning the surgery began. Several attempts for endotracheal intubation were made, which has not been performed due to anatomical features of the oral cavity.

The team then proceeded to manual breathing. In that time, increased airway resistance, severe bronchospasm, and hypotension were observed. As a result, acute hypoxia occurred, resulting in prenatal suffering for the fetus.

The resuscitation attempts continued until 2 pm.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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