New Outbreak of Plague Found in Bulgaria

A secondary outbreak of the animal plague was found in the town of Bolyarovo, Bulgaria. This was announced today by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency.

The regulation placed on the website of the Agency states that the Director of the Regional Directorate for Food Safety in Yambol should organize forced killing and disposal of the animals. Moreover, the destruction of the carcasses of the animals should be under official supervision. After the destruction, mechanical cleaning and multiple disinfection of the premises, equipment, means of transport, courtyards and streets in and around the livestock facilities must be carried out.

There is a 3 km protection zone around the place, in which the town of Bolyarovo, the municipality of Bolyarovo, part of the Yambol region and 10 km of the observed area around the protection zone are included. In the settlements referred to the regulation, animal counting, clinical examinations of plague, as well as a double sampling of each animal should be carried out in order to achieve maximum accuracy of the results.

Information on laboratory results can also be found on the Agency's website.

Hundreds of farmers rallied in the capital yesterday against the government-ordered mass slaughter of livestock.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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