Protests Against Public Nudity on the Burgas Beaches

Citizens from the Bulgarian coast city of Burgas demanded a ban on nudism on the beaches and wearing monokini (a topless swimsuit for women).

Offnews reported that a committee in Burgas started a petition against “exposure of naked intimate parts in a public space such as a beach.” The protesters also said: “A city beach is a public place and the public exposure of nudity without a bathing suit or with monokini, especially in the presence of children and teenagers nearby, is a heavy conflict with the good character and ethical norms present in most tourists.”

The organizers are demanding the installment of warning signs against public nudity on the beaches and more fines of people that don’t wear bathing suits. Neli Toncheva, the chairwoman of the committee and a major figure in the Blagovestie Protestant Church, also spoke out against women wearing monokini, stating: “Women become sexual objects. Those who want to be gawked at meet people that want to gawk. Yes, women wearing monokini are beautiful. This is why they must make their own choices of what’s important – to not wear straps or to not fire up the sexual fantasies of people with deviant mindset.”

The city council at Burgas was dismissive of the claims. Georgi Drakaliev from VMRO said that while nudism at public beaches isn’t acceptable, its prevalence is overstated by the protesters. He also added that “we shouldn’t try to be more Catholic than the Pope”, a common saying in Bulgaria to make fun of moral crusading on menial issues. Drakaliev said that he’s a fan of the female form and wouldn’t dare to ban monokinis.

Last year, nudist demonstrators protested the management of the "Dolphin" beach.

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