Serbian Army Reportedly Posted on Kosovo Border

The Kosovo news portal Gazeta Express reported a Serbian Army blocking the border point at the village of Jarinje.

The soldiers are located in the Serbian village of Rudnica, which is right next to the border point between the two countries. According to the Kosovo news source, the Serbian army is doing checkups on anyone passing through the border.

The Focus news agency reported on the story. According to their sources, the Serbian military hasn’t had a presence on the border with Kosovo since the partially recognized state declared independence in 2008. Focus also quoted a source, stating: “Serbian troops have not been seen near the border since Kosovo declared independence, and their presence has surprised Kosovo border police. The reasons for deployment of Serbian army near Kosovo border remains unknown.”

The leaders of Kosovo and Serbia met during the EU-Western Balkans summit in Sofia. While this meeting was speculated to have improved the relationship between Serbia and Kosovo, it’s also likely it had next to no effect.

Kosovo's independence largely came about due to Western support, from countries such as the United States. The vast majority of European Union countries recognize it as a sovereign state, with the exceptions being Spain, Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania, and Greece.

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