AEJ: The Case With The BNT Journalist Can Create Self-Censorship

"A condition for triggering known mechanisms of self-censorship in the program content", is the opinion of the Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria, concerning the case of the temporary withdrawal of the "Healthcare" sphere of the journalist Maria Cherneva from the Bulgarian National Television. 

She has 30 years of experience in the national television. According to the journalist, on a meeting of the entire media team was announced that she is being removed from her work filed following a complaint about her activity as a member of the public council of the Fund for the Treatment of Children Abroad.

The Association is asking the BNT leadership why it did not get acquainted with Maria Cherneva's point before announcing the decision. In addition, further explanation is required in connection with the management's professional arguments.

"The public broadcaster BNT owes its viewers and the general public openness and transparency regarding their decisions," commented from AEJ. In a letter to the Bulgarian National Television, 25 civil organizations, including the Bulgarian Donor Forum, the National Children's Network, Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation, patients, and healthcare organizations, expressed their concern about what had happened and insisted that the management of the television should reconsider its decision.

Their position stated: "Otherwise, this will be a sign to us that your actions were dictated by motives that have nothing to do with the professional standards and the responsible position of the institution you represent, being led not by a search for truth and institutional professionalism, but from a personal attitude and a search for an opportunity to clear up bills with a journalist who is uncomfortable for you. "

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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