Bulgaria Last in the EU for Homeworkers

Bulgaria ranks last in the EU by 2017 for homeworkers.

This was shown by the later Eurostat data. The average employment rate for the Union of homeworkers is 5%. However, the Bulgarian one is only 0.3%, which puts it in the last place on the list. Just before Bulgaria is Romania with a slight difference, pointing 0.4 % of home-office workers. The gold medal for working from home is for the Netherlands with 13.7%, followed by Luxembourg with 12.7% and Finland - 12.3%.

More and more people are choosing this type of employment, and working from home is more popular among the young ones. According to the statistics, women are more likely to choose the comfort of the home-based offices, however, the situation for the gold and silver medalists is opposite. 

Employment in the Union has also increased, with Sweden, Germany and the UK reaching 75%.

In Bulgaria it is 60%, however, the country ranks at the bottom of the list of countries with temporary employment said European Trade Union Confederation European Trade Union Confederation General Philippe Pousse.

Due to the part-time working option and the popularity which it is gaining, fewer hours were worked than those before the global crisis. Pousse added also, that the differences in minimum wages in the Member States were enormous, with higher rates in the Eastern countries.

Percentage of home-based workers in the EU
Source: ec.europa.eu/eurostat

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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