Google Awards 12-Year-Old Programmer With $2400

The 12-year-old programmer Radostin Cholakov received a $2400 award from Google for creating the apps RSG Chess and The Funny Jester.

24 Chasa tells the story of the 6-grader from the village of Barutin who caught the eye of Google. The company sent him a t-shirt, a diploma, and vouchers for $2400. Radostin was also granted free access to the Google Cloud service.

The young programmer said: “I already use the vouchers. I’m working on a project for a virtual machine.” He also started a project for photo recognition of public sites.

Radostin explained his success: “The prize wasn’t the most important thing. I would’ve still programmed without it. When they bought me a computer, my aunt Elitsa showed me some stuff, but since she lives in Plovdiv, I continued to learn by reading and watching educational videos on YouTube. Alone, I familiarized myself with almost all languages of programming that are being used for making programs, control the behaviour of a machine, realize the algorithm accurately."

Radostin expressed his excitement with the prize: “I was so happy when I saw the package from New Jersey, that I made a clip on the phone and I think to publish it on some platform, I was euphoric.”

Despite Barutin being a larger village, there’s nobody else interested in programming other than Radostin. He often helps around the village with software matters, including helping his computer teachers and the local library.

Radostin is certain that he wants to be a programmer when he grows up. On the topic of education, he said: “It's not imperative to study abroad, I can study and work in Bulgaria when I grow up, as a programmer. It all happens on the Internet.”


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