Patriarch Neophyte Discharged From Hospital

Bulgaria’s Patriarch Neophyte was discharged from the hospital after being admitted in April of this year.

His Holiness suffers from heart problems, but the Holy Synod announced that Patriarch Neophyte’s treatment was successful.

The Holy Synod’s official announcement states:

“We wholeheartedly congratulate you on the big Christian holiday, the Ascension of Jesus, and happily announce that the His Holiness, the Bulgarian Patriarch, and Metropolitan of Sofia Neophyte was discharged from the hospital and is now in his home at the Sofian Holy Metropolis. Let us pray to the Merciful God to give him strong health and longevity as the head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.”

His Holiness’s absence was not without its controversies, as the Bulgarian Orthodox Church refused to participate in an event with the Macedonians Orthodox Church which sparked protests. Hopefully, the Patriarch will be able to fix the problems that appeared during his hospital stay.

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