Borisov: Largest Healthcare Budget in History

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov criticized the Minister of Healthcare, Kiril Ananiev, due to the recent protests of hospital workers in Vratsa and Lovech.

During a meeting of the Ministry Council, Borisov said: “We couldn’t have given 5 billion leva for healthcare and there will still be people who are unsatisfied.” The PM was critical of the way the state handles health funds: “At the same time you’re making reforms and you explain how there’s no way to steal and to syphon out hospitals. That must end. No way, after the 450 million leva increase we gave to the clinical paths this year and around 5 billion leva going for healthcare, and three orderlies to come out and say we aren’t getting our wages. In its history, Bulgaria has never received that kind of money for healthcare. No way, after we gave over half a billion leva more than last year and they [healthcare staff] are still unsatisfied. Please, Ananiev, handle this personally, fix the two hospitals, and stabilize them.”

Borisov also gave assurances that the hospital staff will get their wages. He claimed that those responsible for lowering the quality of healthcare in Bulgaria will be put to justice, even if they are members of GERB, his political party.


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