Burgas - The Best Place to Live in Bulgaria

Burgas is a Bulgarian city located in the south-east part of the country. It is an important administrative, cultural and touristic centre.

It is a beautiful city that has collected the charm of a seaside resort with the economic importance of a big port and an ancient settlement. Burgas is one of the two main towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea. The other one is Varna. Although smaller than Varna, Burgas can offer everything - growing economy, modern infrastructures, amazing views and all the typical services of a tourist destination. 

Burgas has an international airport, a maritime station, train station and two coach stations. A highway links the city to the capital – Sofia. There are good road connections between Burgas and all other Bulgarian coastal cities. 

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Burgas is the end destination of the Trakia highway, which connects to the city of Yambol, Stara Zagora, Pazardzhik and Sofia. An important mark here is that the last petrol station on the highway in the direct to Burgas is before Stara Zagora. You can reach Burgas from Sofia, by road, in about 3-4 hours.

The trip from Varna to Burgas is around 2 hours. There are convenient connections to the city from all Black Sea coast cities, to the north and south of Burgas.

The trip to Burgas by train is also pleasant. The trains pass through picturesque areas, which makes it a real pleasure. There are trains to Burgas from all large and most smaller cities in Bulgaria. There are also trains from and to Sofia throughout the day and night – the duration of the trip is between 6 and 7 hours.

The Burgas Train Station is located in the city centre. There is a taxi rank and bus stops nearby.

Once you’re in Burgas, you will definitely want to see as much as possible in the city – its sights, attractions, relaxation places, shops, restaurants, events. Well, we have good news for you – this will not be hard at all, because getting around in Burgas is not only easy but also pleasant. It is up to you how you do it – the public transport is one of the most modern ones in Bulgaria, taxis are affordable and if you like cycling – the city has a council rent-a-bike system.

Burgas is Bulgaria’s second largest seaside city and fourth largest city in general- in a place this big, there always is something interesting to do.

The Seaside Park is not just a park by the seaside, it’s the heart of the city, the muse and inspiration of generations of artists, poets, and musicians; it’s been the stage of a thousand love stories. Here you will find the Summer Theatre which gathers thousands of visitors and locals throughout the summer season. Further on along the alleys, you can walk among the greeneries, past the sweet corn and ice cream stalls. If you start your walk from Bogoridi Street, the first thing you will be mesmerised by is the incredible view of the sea, the pier and the port, spreading out before you, standing on the terrace which all Burgas citizens call the “parapet”. If the terrace could talk, it would tell you the stories of thousands of lovers’ kisses, of dreamy looks staring into the sea, of children’s laughter and even wedding events. 

The Central Beach - with its golden sands of almost 2 km, the Central Beach in Burgas is a favourite place for citizens and visitors alike. Whether you want to rest or just spend your free time there, the beach is pleasant for swimming or tanning under the bright sun rays.

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Burgas’s ethnographic museum is among the town’s most alluring destinations. The museum is located in the home of the merchant Dimitar Barkalov, which was built in the style of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture. The city’s historical museum is also an interesting place to visit, as it reveals the new and newest history of the town, ancient coins, and iconography from South Bulgarian and North Turkey.

Burgas’s art gallery is located in the city’s former synagogue. Back in the year 1947 the building was nationalized and turned into a gallery. Other interesting locations include the town’s youth centre, where the folklore ensemble “Strandzha” has its practices. Burgas’s opera house is one of Bulgaria’s few theatres, which are equipped for theatre, ballet, and opera.



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St. Anastasia Island is located in the Burgas Bay in the Black Sea. It is a volcanic rock island, 12 meters high, at some places up to 17 meters high, and its area is almost 9 decarеs. Between 1959 and 1990 it was known as Bolshevik Island. It is surrounded by mystery and there are hundreds of legends and stories about it. A healing place, offering wonder-working herbs and potions from old recipes, medieval monastery cell, where you can stay overnight, restaurant with authentic Burgas meals from old recipes - all this make it the most romantic place in the Burgas Bay. You can get there on a boat, leaving from the Sea station Burgas.

The city offers series of cultural events, gathers performers of different genres on several separate stages, in order to provide three days of various quality entertainments for its visitors. For the lovers of old-timey music, Burgas also hosts an annual Jazz and Blues festival. Burgas also hosts several film festivals, days of literature and biker gatherings.

Everyone can find something interesting in thе unique, diverse and beautiful city of Burgas.

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