More IT Specialists and Engineers Needed in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Biser Petkov, stressed the need of highly-trained specialists the country has. The remarks were made during a speech as part of the “Career 2018” students forum.

Petkov stated that the country’s economic sector needs IT specialists and engineers, but the supply is low. There’s also a deficit in customer service, traders, and HR specialists. Petkov revealed that the country has enough economists and that the universities had a lot of graduates in the economic field. The numbers of engineering students were lower than needed.

Another problem revealed during the speech was that many university graduates don’t work in their specialized field, often opting for jobs that require less education. Still, despite those deficits, the Minister reported that there was a double decrease in the employment of people below the age of 24 since 2013, from 28% to 13%.

Petkov expressed disappointment with the fact many young Bulgarians still choose to not work or study. Another similar problem comes when university graduates refuse to work. The Minister comments that their education costs around 30-40 thousand leva to their parents, the government, and to society.

During the “Career 2018” forum, reporters interviewed the students attending. Their general demand for an entry-level job would be in a call centre with a salary at 1000 leva (€500.)

Alex Dimchev

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