Bulgarian Black Sea Coast Flooded with Romanians for Easter

Professor Stoyan Marinov, a member of the Management Board of the Varna Tourism Chamber, reports that 90% of the tourists visiting the North shore of the Black sea over Easter are Romanians.

As Marinov puts it, this isn't particularly surprising data - these are tourists who, over the last couple of years, have been visiting Bulgarian high-class hotels over Easter. The Romanian guests seem to enjoy the service, the price-quality ratio and their overall experience with Bulgarian hotels - that's what has turned them into loyal guests. Expensive hotels with a spa-center and an indoor pool have been reserved since September and October of last year. This is all according to data, given by Bulgarian and Romanian tourist agencies operating on the Romanian market.

The first guests are expected to arrive on Friday. Only four- and five-star hotels are expected to open their doors for guests during the Christian holiday. There is over 20 of them in the areas surrounding Varna (the marine capital of Bulgaria). Some of these hotels are going to close right after the holidays until May 10th. Lower-class hotels don't seem too eager to welcome guests during this time of the year - the prices are lower and cannot compensate the expenses thus making it a useless undertaking.

This interest towards Bulgarian resorts is easy to explain - for Romanians living in the Southern part of the country - Bulgaria is within reasonable driving distance. Just last year, Bulgaria attracted more tourists than ever before. Romania and Bulgaria have considerable mutual tourism, although more Romanians visit Bulgaria than the reverse. Romanians primarily visit Bulgaria to visit the Black Sea seaside, as they believe it to be better maintained than their own. It is expected that when Bulgaria and Romania join Schengen this tourism will increase. 

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Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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