New Parliamentary Session in Bulgaria's National Assembly

The new session in the Bulgarian Parliament was officially opened today.

Tsvetan Tsvetanov, the leader of the parliamentary group of GERB said that the National Assembly will continue pursuing its goal of economic prosperity in the country and a higher living standard for its citizens.

The leader of the group BSP for Bulgaria, Korneliya Ninova, proposed a removal of the special privileges MPs have.

She said that despite the fact 99% of Bulgarians work on a fixed salary, the MPs vote for an increase in their compensation with every increase of the average income. “How can a miner who does heavy physical labour get 30 days off while we get 70.”

During the meeting, there was also discussion on the recent  speech by Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev, where he claimed Bulgaria is “in the dark” and that the country must “turn on the lights.”

More specifically, Tsvetanov said that: “To want more light and transparency at a moment when our country is under the projectors of the European leaders and institutions, is an expression of political inadequacy. And no poetic quotes from Goethe can soften this fact. The lights are on, Mr President.”

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