The Head Of Lukoil Bulgaria Does Not Expect a Rise In Fuel Prices

For now, there are no forecasts for the increase of fuel prices, said the chairman of the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association and general director of "Lukoil Bulgaria" Valentin Zlatev told the media quoted by BTA.

Prices on the world oil markets show that there is a slight upward trend, but Zlatev does not think it will be significant. According to him, the bombing in Syria will not seriously affect prices but hopes that common sense will prevail in this case and Syria will not bring more surprises.

Zlatev, who will participate today in a conference on climate change, commented that decarbonisation should be considered. According to him, this process, in which refineries will produce more eco-friendly fuels and the engines of cars will become more environmentally friendly, will be long. Zlatev stressed that the world must find some alternative to oil fuels. He is of the opinion that this will happen sooner or later, but it will not be so fast.

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