Rumen Radev Says Bulgaria Is in the Dark

The President of Bulgaria made some interesting comments concerning the country’s development, implying that Bulgaria and its citizens are not in control of that development and calling for the young to be the agents of change for the future.

Radev said this: “At this moment, Bulgaria looks like a construction site, where something is being built, but we don’t know what it is, because it is in the dark. Some people carry construction material in and come back to get some more, while at the same time other people steal that material because it is dark. Some people are managing the construction site, flail around blueprints, but other people are pulling the strings from the dark. Some people are building a wall, but it's so fragile and unstable that they have to start repairing it before its finished because it is dark. Some people are building roads and highways, but they mess up the proportions and holes start appearing because it is dark.We don’t know who are the real owners, the real builders, the real value of the site, or what and to whom is being paid, because it is dark.”

This speech was given during the Youth Economic Forum in the University of National and World Economy, where Radev also commented on the situation in Syria.

Further, he added that we must “turn on the lights” and see what is really happening in the country. Radev criticized the media for not reporting the truth and thus contributing to this darkness. Indeed, Bulgaria takes the 109th place for media freedom in the world according to Freedom House.

Radev continued the dark site analogy by saying that young Bulgarians choose to not live in the shadows and leave this country: “Its high time we turned on the lights – this is the most important and urgent task we must do for Bulgaria, for there to even be a Bulgaria. To shed light on the processes in the country, to add transparency to ownership and the state decisions, on spending of public resources, to establish clear rules that must be followed by everyone."

He called the students to action: “The times showed us that we need people with good education and culture, with knowledge of economic and societal processes, with a different experience and ideas for the future. And most importantly – with a different type of energy and different morality. You are these people and the responsibility is yours.”

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