80% of Bulgaria's Buses Don't Have Seatbelts

The chairman of the National  Association of Bus Transport in Bulgaria, Vasil Pironkov, claimed that just 20% of the buses in Bulgaria have seatbelts installed.

The topic of bus safety became relevant in Bulgarian society after a severe accident on Trakiya Highway that took the lives of 6 people.

Pironkov said that only buses manufactured after 2007-2008 have seatbelts on passenger seats.

He said: “This percent isn’t larger than 20% of the total number of buses licensed for the public transportation of passengers.” Pironkov also said that the mentality of the passengers when it comes to safety is also important.

Another point the chairman made was related to the types of seatbelts installed on buses. They are often waist-high “lap” belts rather than the 3-point belts that are commonplace in today’s cars. Pironkov said that the lap belts would not have helped the passengers in the Trakiya highway incident.

Bulgaria’s laws allow for standing passengers if the route of the bus is less than 30-35 kilometres.

Pironkov also underlined that the passengers are not required to put their seatbelts on even if said seatbelts are installed.

So, there are several problems with this kind of safety. Not only do most buses in the country lack seatbelt, but those that do have them are somewhat ineffective, and passengers aren’t even likely to put them on. The chairman of the National  Association of Bus Transport said that safety laws on buses should be examined closely.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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