Bulgarian Rose Water and its Multiple Uses

Rose water is a cosmetic product used since the days of Ancient Egypt, which has various uses improving a person’s health and beauty.

Bulgaria is among the leading producers of rose water, but what is it, and is it worth trying? The shortest possible answer is “yes”. Rose water has been a product used in ancient India and Persia, Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and many other civilizations from history. The Persians used rose water in their cooking and was an integral part of the creation of the marzipan. The Turks use rose water as an additive to their Turkish delight and Indians use it in the preparation of their rasgulla.

How do you get rose water? Rose water is a by-product of the process of extraction of rose oil. From 1kg of rose petals put through the process of steam distillation, a person would get about 1 litre of rose water. This water has been enriched by the rose oil, which has emerged on it, and besides bringing a sweet aroma to the water, it supplies it with vitamins А, С, D, Е, and В3 which have various beneficial effects for the human body.

Rose water can be used as a light disinfectant to combat infections of the eyes similar to pink eye.

It can also be used as a pain-relief product. Cleans and freshens the skin. It can support the healing processes of the body and be used to cure wounds in the mouth such as aphthae. When taken internally, rose water may have beneficial effects on the digestive system, the blood circulation and bring relief to the nervous system.

Still, the most popular use of rose water remains in cosmetics.

Its disinfecting properties help battle acne and prevent its formation on the skin. The Romans used it as an air refresher, but it can also be applied as a perfume, or be added as an ingredient in similar products. Rose water can also be added to the production of soaps or home-made shampoos in order to bring rose aroma to your hygienic products. In the end, the uses for it, from makeup remover to aromatherapy, is only limited by the imagination of the user. Words are never enough to describe such a product, so next time you visit Bulgaria, stop at a souvenir, or cosmetics shop and get a bottle of rose water.

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