The Owner of the Osogovo Mountain Horses Shifts the Blame for Their Death and Freezing

The owner of the Osogovo Mountain horses whose abandonment to the cold shocked Bulgaria and the world was questioned by the police and the media. He gave his side of the story, shifting responsibility towards an unknown person who moved the drove of horses away from their original location.

Petar Pishtalov claimed that the horses weren’t put on that specific location on his accord, blaming someone else for the incident. He calls the area in which the horses were found “The Valley of Death”. According to him, said "valley" had no food for the animals to feed themselves and no additional forage was brought there to whomever moved the horses.

Pishtalov was quoted as saying: “Why didn’t the people that found the horses say anything to me or to the authorities?” Pishtalov also said that he’s glad the animals are under his care again, and that he found 25 of them alive, 3 dead, and the rest are missing. The veterinarians from 4 Lapi looked after the horses while Pishtalov was being located. They confirmed what was already known - the animals were in abysmal condition.

Pishtalov received multiple death threats and spam of videos and pictures of the dying horses on his Facebook wall. 

(Picture taken from 4 Lapi's Facebook page)


Alex Dimchev

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