115 Bodies Remain Stuck in the Alexandrovska Hospital Morgue in Sofia, Bulgaria

More than 115 bodies cannot be buried in the Sofian morgue in Alexandrovska Hospital according to Dr. Apostolov, the head of the Judicial Medicine wing of the establishment. Among them is the body of the murderer in Novi Iskar.

The normal capacity of the morgue is 60 bodies, a number that’s exceeded almost twice now and thrice just 4 years ago. Some bodies are reportedly quite old due to the impossibility of identifying them. The oldest of the remains belong to foreigners. The lack of identification makes burial impossible according to Dr. Apostolov.

There are also cases of people that refuse to bury their departed relatives for various reasons, some of which are due to alienation, financial impossibility, or hatred of the deceased person.

According to the Dr. Apostolov, a burying the bodies would be easy if not for the administrative problems. Some of the deceased can be involved in criminal cases where an autopsy or positive identification can help in an investigation. Until those cases are closed, the bodies must remain in the morgue.

One of the current bodies in Alexandrovska Hospital is that of the murderer from Novi Iskar, as the court hasn’t ended that case yet.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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