Petr Kellner's PPF Group to Buy Telenor's Business in Eastern Europe

Petr Kellner, one of the richest people in Eastern Europe and 102nd richest person worldwide is the potential buyer for the Telenor communication company’s business in Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Montenegro. According to the Bulgarian media outlet, Kellner’s PPF Group may also buy Nova TV, one of Bulgaria’s largest television networks.

Capital writes: “If both deals become fact, Petr Kellner will not only be among the most influential people in the Czech Republic but also in Bulgaria.” Telenor and Nova are two very recognizable and prominent brands on Bulgaria’s market. You can read more about the details of Telenor's business here.

According to Forbes, Kellner’s net worth is $15.9 billion. He accumulated that wealth during the privatization period following the collapse of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. His PPF Group originates from Kellner’s native Czech Republic and is currently headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company operates all over the world, including in China, France, Great Britain, Russia, India, Indonesia, and the United States.


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