Eurostat: Every Third Bulgarian Aged 25-64 Has a Higher Education

Around 28% or almost every third Bulgarian aged 25-64 had a higher education and this influenced their quality of life and social status, showed Eurostat data of the level of education in the EU in 2017, "24-hours" reported.

In 2017, about 31% of EU citizens aged 25-64 had higher education. The highest level of university graduates in Bulgaria was concentrated in the Southwest region - 40%, second in this indicator is the South Central region, where 32% of the population 25-64 were graduates, and in the third position is the Northeast region with nearly 27 % of the working population.

According to NSI data, in Bulgaria last year there were 54 higher education institutions, of which 50 universities and 4 colleges. The lowest was the level of unemployment among Bulgarians with higher education - only 3% of the total number of 207,000 unemployed. The share of the unemployed in the ranks of the low-educated Bulgarians was, however, the highest - about 45%.

Compared to the neighboring countries of Bulgaria - in Greece, 31% of the working population aged 25-64 were university graduates, in Romania - 17%, and in Turkey - 18%.

Top five European countries with the highest concentration of graduates are Finland, the UK, Norway, Iceland, and Luxembourg. These countries are, as well, among the EU countries with the highest standard of living and the best quality of life.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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