Putin Accused Bulgaria of Inability to Defend the National Interest

Russian President Vladimir Putin would not want Europe to show weakness and fail to defend its participation in the "Nord Stream 2" project as Bulgaria did in "South Stream". This opinion was expressed by Putin at a joint press conference, TASS reported.

Bulgaria, under pressure from outside, abandoned this project, now they regret it, now they are talking about getting our gas through the Turkish Stream. I really would not like all of Europe to look like Bulgaria, show such weakness and inability to protect its national interests," said Putin.

"The Bulgarian colleagues assured us that they would fight for the South Stream to the end, as this corresponds to their national interests. This increases their geopolitical status as a transit country for gas to Europe, somewhere under €400 million per year, simply because there is a pipe on their territory," the president added. He commented that the Bulgarian side hoped to create several thousand job positions.

The President estimates the volume of gas supplies to Europe in 2018 at 200 billion cubic meters. He emphasized that both Russia and Europe are thus interested in the implementation of the "Nord Stream 2" project and will fight for it.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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