Lidl Bulgaria Will Fund 20 Non-Governmental Organizations With a Total of BGN 135,000

Lidl Bulgaria will fund 20 non-governmental organizations with a total of BGN 135,000 as part of the “You and Lidl for a Better Life” initiative, Capital reported. The Grant Program has implemented in partnership with the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation and the Bulgarian Donors' Forum. The aim is to support the realization of ideas in different regions that allow people to lead a better and more fulfilling lifestyle.

The initiative was launched in 2017 when the chain announced that it would gather 3 Bulgarian coins (1 euro cent) from each cash receipt in stores across the country, and with the funds raised, it would finance projects of non-governmental and civic organizations.

This year 380 projects have been submitted for funding from 79 settlements. The evaluation includes three stages - an administrative check of the required documentation, an evaluation by an expert jury, and the third stage will be for the Lidl Bulgaria employees to vote to determine the winners.

Thematic areas are "Education", "Culture and Historical Heritage", "Active Lifestyle", and "Environment". All approved projects will receive different amounts of money, with a maximum of BGN 10,000.

Among the approved projects is one related to a campaign for children and students for fire preventing. The Regional Association of the Scientific and Technical Unions in Smolyan will equip a demonstration room for physics and chemistry exams. The Education and Health Association of Plovdiv will offer special and different care for children who have been ill and who are coming back to school. Organization in Shumen will create an open botanical garden, another is planning to use digital arts to introduce the children from 10 schools in the capital to Bulgarian traditions. Varna Friends of the Sea Club will train young people to explore the living underwater world in the Black Sea, etc.

All projects must be completed within one year - by September 2019.

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Petya Petrova

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