Mothers of Bulgarian Children with Disabilities to Protest Again Today

The latest version of the Draft law on people with disabilities will be withdrawn for reworking, Mediapool reported. Social Minister Bisser Petkov explained that they face a difficult situation because they have to balance between the interests of the organizations of people with disabilities and the different ministries.

The controversial bill was discussed for months in working groups at the Social Ministry, and it was periodically the cause of protest action by the mothers of the disabled children.

Representatives of protesters' organizations of children with disabilities and the ombudsman Maya Manolova criticized the latest version of the project on Monday, pointing out that it lacked key points agreed over the past few months and claimed that for some unclear reasons, they are missing from this project. Ombudsman Manolova commented that it is not clear why the personal assistance, the fund for the accessible environment and personal mobility, and the Employment Fund, dropped out.

Mothers of disabled children are arranging a new protest today. They gave a deadline until 1 October for the voting on the three bills to be made - for people with disabilities, for personal assistance, and for social services. It has now become clear that the bill on social services will come later in the National Assembly, and the draft law on people with disabilities will not go to parliament at all, because there is no agreement by the National Council for the Integration of People with Disabilities.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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