Macedonian Parliament Ratifies The Declaration of Cooperation With Bulgaria

On the 26th Anniversary of Bulgaria recognizing Macedonia as a state, the Macedonian Parliament ratified the declaration of friendship and cooperation with Bulgaria. The document was signed by the prime ministers of the two countries, Bulgaria’s Boyko Borisov and Macedonia’s Zoran Zaev, last year. The votes were 61 in favor and 1 undecided. This event was seen as milestone in Bulgaria’s ongoing mission to use the position in the EU council for spreading the European Union into the Western Balkans.

The nationalist party VMRO-DPMNE boycotted the vote as a protest for the arrest of some of their members last year. They also disapprove of the increasingly cordial relationship with Bulgaria, even starting a campaign against it.

While the relationship between Bulgarians and Macedonians will probably remain uneasy for a long time, it’s undeniable that the Macedonians are starting to move towards improving their status with their neighbors. Recently, it was reported that the name dispute with Greece may finally be resolved.

Macedonia has had difficult relations with it's neighbors mostly due to various claims to culture. It is a country which speaks a language very similar to Bulgarian (many would even call it a single language), and it claims many parts of history which are also claimed by Greece (i.e Alexander the Great, and even the name Macedonia). It is a comparable situation to that of Moldova, which shares a name with the Moldavian region of Romania which is in fact slightly larger than Moldova, and the fact that Moldova also speaks Romanian.

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