Over a ton of Counterfeit Alcohol was discovered in the Village Micrevo, Bulgaria

Over a ton of counterfeit alcohol was discovered in the house of a 54 year old man in the village of Micrevo, Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs shares that border inspectors have discovered over a ton of counterfeit alcohol in the house of a 54 year old man in the village of Micrevo, municipality of Strumyani. During a raid at the man’s home, police officers discovered 218 cardboard boxes containing 1302 one litre bottles filled with whiskey, vodka and gin, which had no banderol for a paid tax.

The alcohol was delivered to the man’s house from the house of a friend of his, a 34 year old man from the same village. Both the men have been arrested and the investigation on the case continues. The police officers have signed a protocol of the raid, containing a full inventory of the confiscated property and have passed it to the local prosecution office in Sandanski.

(Picture taken from: mvr.bg)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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