Bulgarian NGO Warns of Radical Islamization of Gypsies

A Bulgarian NGO warns that radical Islam has found its way in Bulgaria through the gypsy neighbourhoods. The leader of the organization pleas the government to do something about it.

Petko Asenov, the chairman of the NGO National Centre for the Development of Gypsies in Bulgaria warns that radical Islam is finding its way in the country through the people of gypsy ethnicity. According to him, in the town of Pazardzhik, the gypsies do not abide to the ban of burkas. By his words, walking through the gypsy neighbourhood there feels more like Afghanistan than a typical gypsy neighbourhood. All the women are wearing burkas, the men are wearing turbans and big beards.

He also warns that gypsy children from Bourgas have been transported to private educational institutions in the country the activity of which is not a matter of public record. He raises the questions of what are they teaching the children there and who pays for the accommodation, food and clothing of these children. Asenov pleas the government to take action on the matter, as it is a manner of national security.

Professor Tatyana Dronzina shared in an interview before the Bulgarian National Television, that one of the biggest problems with protecting the gypsies from radicalization is the high-levels of political correctness which have found their way to the Bulgarian parliament. She also shows concerns towards the Belgian method of integration which works in Bulgaria. According to her, it is a fruitless attempt, because the country is absent in the neighbourhoods in which these people live, which makes them secluded from local society and its direct influence over them. Professor Dronzina added that the traditional Bulgarian Islamic families have proven quite resilient to radicalization, but the same cannot be said for the newly converted gypsies, who, in an attempt to find their own identity, are much more susceptible to manipulation.

Petko Asenov’s organization has been working with people of gypsy ethnicity for more than ten years and, at the moment, is a receiving funding from Finnish and Spanish investors on a project to build housing for the gypsies it is working with.

(Picture taken from: 850wftl.com)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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