US Military Forces Around Novo Selo Start Training

The US military forces in the Novo Selo base in Bulgaria started training. The drills will include working with the 6 Bradley Fighting Vehicles and cooperation with the Bulgarian ground forces. The training and deployments are part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

The American Forces in Bulgaria

The base is located around Sliven. The troops from Fort Riley, Kansas will replace the previous post from Colorado. Operation Atlantic Resolve has US military units all across Central and Eastern Europe, but mainly in Germany, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. The American troops will conduct 4 large-scale training operations.

This operation aims to counter any aggression from the East, mainly Russia. So, if Vladimir Putin decides to invade Europe for some reason, rest assured that the US of A will be here to protect us, along with the Bulgarian Army and the Air Force that consists of 10 Cold-War era jets, a hot-air balloon, and all the paper planes the command center is willing to fold.

(Picture Source: BTV)

Alex Dimchev

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