Museum of Vodka to Open Doors in Warsaw, Poland

A museum dedicated to vodka will open in Warsaw, Poland later this year. The establishment will celebrate the history of the alcoholic drink. There are other vodka museums in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Riga, but contrary to popular belief, Russia is not the homeland of vodka, as it was brought there from Poland.

The Vodka Museum will be housed by an old, restored distillery in the Warsaw district of Praga. Those seeking to know more about the history, processing, and culture around Eastern Europe’s favorite stiff drink will be able to do so around the Spring of 2018 when the Museum will open its door to the general public.

The Museum will also have vodka-tasting sessions and courses for people who’d want to know the difference between the  types of the drink. In many Slavic languages, the word “vodka” means “a small water,” due to the drink’s colorlessness.

Alex Dimchev

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