4 Policemen Arrested For a Fuel-Stealing Scheme

4 policemen were arrested in Pavlekeni for a refueling scam. The arrests were carried out after an investigation by “Gospodari na Efira,” a comedy and satire show with a segment for exposing fraud and corruption within Bulgaria.

Policemen arresting policemen

According to the report by Nova, almost everyone in the Pavlekeni Police Department was in on the scam, possibly including some family members of the policemen. One of the wives of the scammers was working at the gas station where the cops refilled 10 L bottles with fuel, charging it one the public purse.

“Gospodari na Efira” monitored the gas station over a long period of time so the police couldn’t just say their first findings were a one-off occasion. The scammers were caught refueling hundreds of liters of fuel every month from February to November. They did it during daylight, out in the open.

The producer of the show, Judy Halvadjian, said: “Our country is such that maybe these policemen from Pavlekeni are forced to do that because of the low salaries they’re getting. Apparently, this scheme has been going on for years, but we just got a report.”

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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