89-Year-Old Man Kills His 80-Year-Old Wife near Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Rural Bulgaria saw another gruesome murder. This time, an 89-year-old man killed his 80-year-old wife with a metal automobile part.

Details about the gruesome murder

The tragedy happened in Skutare, a village near Plovdiv that has about 2 thousand inhabitants. On September 26, the couple’s son went to visit his parents only to find his mother’s bruised body and his father laying on the ground in critical condition. The man called 112 and a medical team was dispatched. When the team arrived, the 89-year-old man was already dead.

The forensics analysis of the scene found that there were signs of struggle. The woman was killed with an automobile part that was found in the same room. Her husband was smeared with her blood. The man was also intoxicated, having a 4.96 BAC level. The high levels of stress coupled with the alcohol are what probably killed the elderly man. The motives for the murder are yet unknown.

This story comes soon after Bulgaria was shocked by yet another family murder in the Plovdiv area - 69-Year-old man Murdered his Son: “For him, I was only an ATM”.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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