Radical Islam Discussion Hosted by Bulgaria's Defense Minister

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defense called a meeting for discussing protection against radical Islam in the country. The official title of the conference is “The infiltration of radical Islam in the Republic of Bulgaria – threats and defense measures.” It will be hosted by Bulgaria’s Defense MinisterKrasimir Karakachanov.

The topic of radical Islam comes up more and more in Bulgaria. The country has a large native Muslim population and an increasing pool of migrants from the Islamic world. There were also several “mutinies” as they were dubbed by the media, within the camps for temporary housing. The refugees were unhappy with the conditions provided in those institutions.

The current meeting called by Karakachanov is just one in a long line of debates on how to minimize the risk of ethnic and religious tension between Bulgarians and the Muslim population. The discussion will include state ministers, their deputies, experts in state security or counter-terrorism, and religious representatives.

Bulgaria will probably pass a new law that changes the dynamic between religion and government. The state will finance religious institutions while limiting the ability of foreign powers to have influence over religion in the country. A large chunk of the financing of many radical Islamist organizations comes from foreign donations. The laws and the rhetoric around them have caused controversy in Bulgaria's Muslim community.


Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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