Child Obesity Increases 12 Times: Bulgaria's Children Fifth in Europe

Bulgarian children are among the most obese in Europe, according to a study released by the World Health Organization. The report also states that the worldwide child obesity has increased tenfold in the last 40 years. It's darkly ironic that if things keep up the way they’ve been going, it’s likely that the number of overweight children will be bigger than those that are underfed.

Bulgaria and overweight children

The rate of obesity among boys under 5 years of age more than doubled in recent years - from 3.3% in 2004 to 7.1% in 2014. Bulgarian health experts are blaming the high salt consumption and the lack of physical activity among youngsters.
Surprisingly, Bulgarian girls are reported to be getting thinner and making better health choices, at least in terms of food consumption. This is unusual, as the world sees an increase in the weight of both genders.

Worldwide trends in child obesity

According to the WHO report, 120 million children and adolescents are now obese compared to the 12 million 40 years ago. The organization is blaming the high prices and the lack of availability of healthy food, especially for poor people. The largest increase in obesity was in poor-to-middle-income countries in Asia.

The world “leaders” in obesity are Polynesia and Micronesia, followed by higher income countries like the USA, Britain, Canada,Australia, and Ireland.

Too much food and not enough movement

That is the usual consensus every time there are reports of an increase in any sort of obesity and health problems. The WHO report blamed bad food culture and policy-making for how fat children have become.

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